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Custom Foot Orthotics (3-D Scan)

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What is a Custom Prescription Orthotic?

Custom orthotics are prescirption medical devices that slide inside the bottom of your shoes or sneakers.

They are different from shoe inserts and arch supports in that they are custom scanned to your feet and they function to maintian your subtalar joint in the proper position when you are walking. Much like a presciption eyeglasses will accommodate for your abnormal vision, the correct prescription orthotic will accommodate for the abnormal joint position when you are ambulating.  Dr. Levenstien has the knowledge and expertise to determine the correct positon of your foot joints, so that you receive a proper functioning orthotic. He uses a state of the art 3-D scanned image of your feet, in order to obtain the the best functioning position for you feet.


Custom Prescription Orthotics are used to treat:

•         achilles tendonitis

•         ankle sprain or tear

•         arthritis

•         bunions

•         flat feet (pes planus)

•         hammertoes

•         high arch feet (cavus foot)

•         neuroma

•         peroneal tendonitis

•         plantar fasciitis

•         posterior tibial tendonitis

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